Areas of Expertise


In the area of Law relating to white-collar crime, compliance management has recently developed into a fundamental issue for executive management as to ensuring conformance to the law throughout different company organisations and cultures.

The term of compliance is usually associated with the adherence to rules and regulations, but also to the voluntary codes a company implements. The safeguarding of compliance / rule adherence in a company can also support organisational measures. For this compliance monitoring departments are set up which keep tabs on the adherence to national and international laws and codes of conduct ,as well as paying attention to possible problem areas such as corruption, anti trust law, insider trading, money laundering or data protection aspects.

Besides that compliance in itself is a considerable element of proper company management (Corporate Governance).

For this reason legality and respect to law in company organisations have developed to approved benchmarks in relation to criminal as well as civil law, to which the responsible governing institutions and management within the company are measured to the extent of their personal liability.

In collaboration with BCKM – Consulting Firm for Compliance and Crisis Mangement mbH - and hfp Information Systems GmbH, strategies and approaches have been developed for the requirements of the respective consulting and crisis case scenarios, which can be detailed upon request. For a first impression of these please follow the above links.

On the 02.-03.03.2011 in cooperation with hfp Informationssysteme GmbH informative meetings regarding “Compliance for Local Authorities” were hosted at CeBit, Hannover. The most important points of the presentation, in which a newly developed compliance programme for local authorities was introduced, are available for download:

Dolose Handlungen, IKS und Compliance - Maßnahmen zur Vermeidung von Korruption in Kommunen – (PDF, 1.36 MB, german)


Insurance Law

Due to many years of nationwide extrajudicial and judicial activity, throughout the extent of insurance law, proven expertise, as well as industry experience, is possessed in this special area of law.

Through representing many major German insurance companies, as well as insurance holders in connection with property, personal and automobile insurance law, and the representation of clients in traffic law issues such as regulatory offences and criminal procedures, a broad knowledge of relevant and current legal regulations, as well as the policies developed from the jurisdiction hereof, is guaranteed.

In connection with the Wiesbaden Lawyers and Notaries Society the association on Insurance Law was set up. The association regularly offers training conferences as well as presentations which are accredited for specialist solicitors - even for colleagues that are not affiliated with the Wiesbaden Lawyers and Notaries Society.


Commercial Tenancy Law and Right of Abode

Many years of professional experience are also possessed in the area of legal assistance, consulting and representation of landlords, as well as tenants in extrajudicial tenancy law issues and judicial disputes.


Specialist Adviser & Legal Contributor

Finally extensive professional experience is again possessed in the activity as a contributor for the German Lawyers Academy in the legal areas of insurance and tenancy law in providing seminars for employees (qualified legal assistants) in law firms aiming to become familiarised with the approach of relevant mandates, whereas – amongst others – also the actual and legal principles for a respective independent or rather supporting approach to more basic structured mandates are conveyed.