Justice is Truth in Action

Benjamin Disraeli
(1804 – 1884)
Twice British Prime Minister
and novelist

Engagement and sense of proportion are essential components of any consulting activity, also in the area of legal advice.

A constructive, target-oriented and effective collaboration between client and lawyer can only succeed on the basis of mutual trust.
As there is no justice without person. The „personal element“ is an intrinsic element to every right, every law making activity and production of law.

Purely truthful and transparent communication, combined with the competency of many years professional and life experience can lead to the development of pertinent solutions for legal problems, extrajudicial consulting, as well as dealing with court actions.

Thereby focus initially lies primarily on the precise preparation for and analysis of the respective underlying facts before the legal evaluations and classifications are to be considered.

These evaluations should not underrate the economic background and aspects of potential conflict solutions. Accordingly all opportunities for the amicable settlement of disputes should be exhausted, and, only when such negotiations have failed should the procedural court process be considered.