Hans J. Reisz, Attorney-at-Law

Born 1958, married with two children

Degree in law from the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main.
During this period Hans undertook complementary teaching and tutoring activities as well as freelancing work with the Max-Planck Institute for European Civil Law History in Frankfurt am Main.

An initial period in the non-profit sector (occupation in the department for employment and tax law in the German Charity for Equal Representation – Frankfurt am Main), was followed by a legal clerkship with the District Court Wiesbaden. Hans then practised as a lawyer at the law and notary firm Andreä • Pfeiffer • Rosa • Westenberger • Scholz in Wiesbaden from 1990 to 2009, and was made partner in 1998.
During this time he was involved in predominantly forensic activities with prime focus on civil law, especially insurance, liability issues, traffic offences, as well as commercial tenancy law and right of abode.

Co-initiator and coordinator of the association for Insurance Law in the Wiesbaden Lawyers and Notaries Society.

Active contributor for the German Lawyers Academy in Berlin (the training institution of the German Lawyers Society) in connection with workshops for lawyers engaged in insurance, traffic and tenancy law.

From 2009 until 2010 active as a lawyer at the law firm Knierim & Kollegen in Mainz.

Since 2010 Hans has been a self-employed lawyer with own practice specialising in law relating to white-collar crimes, especially in regard to extrajudicial consultation of companies in issues concerning compliance and crisis management.

Memberships in the association for insurance law of the German Lawyers' Society, the Wiesbaden Lawyers and Notaries' Society, as well as the Wiesbaden Judicial Association.